Proxgy, an industrial IoT startup, has launched Lockator smart lock engineered for the transportation and logistics industry dealing with wagons and fixed containers.

The satellite and mesh connectivity ensure that the Lockator smart lock is always connected to the back-end dashboard and is transmitting and receiving real time stats and lock/unlock commands, even in zero network zones including deep seas.

Pulkit Ahuja Founder & CEO, Proxgy said the Indian logistics market is poised for substantial growth to reach $317 billion in 2024, expanding at a CAGR of nine per cent till 2029.,

Proxgy’s Lockator is strategically positioned to capitalize on this growth, offering unparalleled security and monitoring capabilities to an industry in dire need of innovative logistics solutions, he said.

The ‘Made in India’ Lockator incorporates cutting-edge features such as satellite connectivity, LoRaWAN mesh network integration. It facilitates remote lock/unlock capabilities, RFID and NFC smart key unlock, geo-location tracking, geo-fencing and real time tamper alerts besides a robust 90-day battery life, superfast Type-C charging and a sturdy breakage-proof design.

The Lockator smart lock’s versatile applications range from safeguarding oil containers against pilferage to ensuring the integrity of examination papers enroute to centres. It can also be used to secure valuable cargo, securing voting machines for election commission, cash management firms, freight forwarders, marine shipping companies, insurance companies and the railways.

The introduction of Lockator is set to redefine security standards across various sectors, providing a reliable solution to long-standing challenges in asset transportation and logistics, he said.

Its innovative technology ensures that valuable goods are protected from theft, tampering and unauthorised access, marking a new era in logistics management, said Ahuja.

It works on Proxgy’s Assist.Live backend dashboard which offers real-time access, monitoring and analytics, enabling users to track and manage assets besides controlling the transportation system including routing and rostering with unprecedented ease and precision.