West Asian carriers have intensified scrutiny of passengers travelling on tourist visas to Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) member countries especially Dubai.

This comes in the backdrop of an increase in passenger deportations and introduction of stringent entry requirements in Dubai. As per media reports, stricter requirements include valid return ticket, proof of accommodation and 3,000 Dirhams in cash.

In a travel advisory on Saturday, Oman Air has said that all passengers arriving on tourist or visit visas will undergo strict profiling including verification of funds and other information.

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The airline has said passengers travelling to Dubai on tourist or visit visas must hold return tickets with Oman Air. “Return tickets on any other airline will not be accepted and boarding will be denied,” it said.

Tourist visa rules for GCC countries

A similar advisory was issued by Gulf Air last week recommending passengers to hold a return ticket on Gulf Air from India for a GCC destination.“ If issued on another airline, it must be authentic and not voided or refunded upon arrival,“ it said.

“Lately there has been a significant increase in such cases leading to revenue loss for both passengers and the airline across various GCC countries. To mitigate these occurrences,we are compelled to thoroughly verify the authenticity of documents from other airlines,” Gulf Air said in a communication to travel agents and trade partners.

This is not first instance of airlines taking such steps. In 2022, Ethiopian Airlines had asked travel agents in India to indemnify the airline for payment of all charges in case of deportation of a passenger.