The government has taken adequate measures to meet the estimated 235 GW peak power demand in May and 240 GW in June, according to an official statement. "With various measures, we have been able to successfully meet the peak evening power demand of 224 GW during April 2024," the Ministry of Power said on Friday.

The power demand is projected to peak at 235 GW during the day-time and 225 GW during evening hours for May and 240 GW during day-time and 235 GW during evening hours for June 2024, it said in the statement. The power ministry has estimated around 260 GW of peak demand during this summer season.

Elaborating on the measures, the ministry said section 11 directions have been issued to gas-based power plants besides coal-based units to make full capacity available for electricity generation.

The optimisation of hydropower generation has made available an additional 4 GW for meeting the demand during May and June.

Further, the shifting of planned maintenance and minimisation of partial and forced outages of thermal power plants have made available another 5 GW for the summer season, the ministry said.

Besides, power generated from wind is expected to increase by 4 GW to 5 GW during May and June. "With these measures in place and the current generation is expected that the power demand would be adequately met both during the day and during night hours in the summer months of May and June 2024," the statement said.