In line with the Center’s decision to merge government-owned film media units, the Information and Broadcasting Ministry issued three different orders on Wednesday to transfer the mandate of production of documentaries and short films, organisation of film festivals and preservation of films to the National Film Development Corporation (NFDC).

The Centre has made a budgetary allocation of ₹1,304.52 crore up to 2026 for all film-related activities, to be implemented through NFDC, the statement added. The Ministry has also decided that revenues generated by these film-related activities will accrue to NFDC.

“The merger of Film Media Units under the Corporation will ensure a balanced and synergised development of the Indian cinema in all its genres- feature films, documentaries, children’s content, animation and short films and will lead to better and efficient utilisation of existing infrastructure and manpower,” the official statement added.

Revamp details

The orders stated that employees of these institutions would be attached with various verticals of NFDC as a temporary arrangement till further orders.

NFDC already has the mandate to produce feature films. The Ministry said, now, it will give a strong impetus to the production of films of all genres, including documentaries, children and animation films. It has now been tasked with the function of film promotion through participation in different international festivals and organising domestic festivals; preservation of filmic content, digitisation and restoration of films; and distribution and outreach activities.

“By the orders issued today, the mandate of production of documentaries that was earlier done by Films Division has been completely transferred to NFDC. The legacy and brand name of Films Division will be taken further and the Production Vertical for production of documentaries in the NFDC will be named as “Films Division”,” the statement added.

In 2020, the Cabinet had approved the merger of Films Division, Directorate of Film Festivals, National Film Archives of India, and Children’s Film Society, India with the National Film Development Corporation (NFDC) The ownership of the assets available with these units will, however, remain with the Government of India, it added.

Similarly, the organisation of film festivals mandated to Directorate of Film Festivals has been transferred to NFDC. “This will bring the organisation of different national and international film festivals under one roof, thereby bringing in more synergy and a focused international outreach,” the Ministry said.

Also, preservation-related activities carried out by the National Film Archives of India and the digitisation and restoration of films carried out by National Film Heritage Mission will now be implemented by NFDC.