The Ministry of Heavy Industries (MHI) on Tuesday said it has received as many as seven bids under the global tender for the re-bidding of production linked incentives (PLI) for 10-GWh Advanced Chemistry Cell (ACC) manufacturing announced on January 24 this year.  

The list of bidders (in alphabetical order) who have submitted bids in response to this tender are ACME Cleantech Solutions Private Ltd, Amara Raja Advanced Cell Technologies Private Ltd, Anvi Power Industries Private Ltd, JSW Neo Energy Ltd, Reliance Industries, Lucas TVS, and Waaree Energies for a cumulative capacity of 70 GWh.

The MHI said that the scheme received an overwhelming response from industry as bids received is seven times the manufacturing capacity of 10 GWH to be awarded. 

Advanced Chemistry Cells are the new-generation technologies that can store electric energy either as electrochemical or as chemical energy and convert it back to electric energy as and when required. They are also known as advanced chemistry cell batteries, are a crucial component of lithium -ion batteries and other energy storage systems. 

The pre-bid meeting for the PLI ACC scheme was held on February 12. The last date for receiving applications was April 22 on the Central Public Procurement Portal and the Technical Bids were opened on April 23.

Technology-agnostic ACC

The PLI ACC scheme promotes manufacturing of technology-agnostic Advanced Chemistry Cells in India.  

The Union Cabinet had in May 2021 approved the technology-agnostic PLI scheme on ‘National Programme on Advanced Chemistry Cell (ACC) Battery Storage’ for achieving manufacturing capacity of 50 GWh of ACC with an outlay of ₹ 18,100 crore. 

The first round of the ACC PLI bidding was concluded in March 2022, and three beneficiary firms were allocated a total capacity of 30 GWh, and the programme agreement with selected beneficiary firms was signed in July 2022.

Further, the MHI had released Request for Proposal on January 24 for shortlisting and selection of bidders under the PLI scheme ‘National Programme on Advanced Chemistry Cell (ACC) Battery Storage’ for setting up of ACC manufacturing units with a total manufacturing capacity of 10 GWh with maximum budgetary outlay of ₹3,620 crore.