Technology conglomerate Cisco sees growth opportunities in India across multiple industries ranging from carriers, government, banks, mining, to IoT, and smart cities, for all its services and offerings, said Jonathan Davidson, EVP and General Manager, Cisco Networking.

The company sees India as a crucial market due to its growth potential and technological advancements. It aims to support India’s development, especially in telecom, enterprises, and connecting small to medium businesses.

“For everything we build in every market segment that we go into, we think there’s going to be significant transformation here in India over the next 15-20 years. We’ve been in the country for over 25 years now, and that has been just a massive growth for us over that period of time. Going forward we think it’s going to continue to grow at a similar or better rate over the coming years,” Davidson told businessline.

Cisco is also looking to partner increasingly with various managed service providers to equip them with necessary tools for market transformation. With 15,000 employees, India stands as the second largest global development site, housing the majority of networking, security, and observability portfolios. Engineering offices in Chennai and Pune, among others, facilitate innovation and talent, according to Davidson.

“Having full portfolio ownership inside of the country has been extremely beneficial for not only Cisco globally, but also having the engineering team that builds products and being able to directly work with the large customers in India,” the global executive said.

In the recent past Cisco had announced that it will start manufacturing in India. With this, it aims to cater to the growing demand from customers in India and aims to drive more than $1 billion in combined domestic production and exports in the coming years. Commenting on the progress and significance, Davidson said, “We’ve broken ground, we’re working on it. It’s going to be really beneficial for all of our business that we do in India, but we’re also going to be exporting outside of the country as well.”