IT firm Coforge Ltd has launched a Gen AI-based autonomous self-service solution called Coforge Orion.

The solution harnesses the power of generative AI and orchestrates a seamless customer experience. This platform automates both outbound and inbound calls, allowing it to proactively engage customers, provide intelligent responses to inquiries and autonomously take necessary actions, exceeding the capabilities of traditional automation, said the company.

“Coforge Orion is a sophisticated and enterprise grade AI platform built for bi-directional human-like conversations to support sales, marketing and customer service. It can make automated outbound calls to prospects by dynamically generating voice conversations using large language models and can handle inbound inquiries using generative AI capabilities of speech-to-text and text-to-speech” said Vic Gupta, Executive Vice President, Coforge.

Coforge Orion moves beyond traditional scripts and messaging based communication and utilises advanced AI to have natural, personalised conversations with each customer, adapting to the unique flow of each interaction. This empowers businesses in various fields, like travel and healthcare, to automate communication while fostering deeper connections with their customers.

The company said Coforge Orion empowers businesses to deliver exceptional customer experiences and optimise operations by leveraging the power of generative AI. Customers can engage with intelligent virtual agents 24/7, overcoming language barriers with multilingual support and enjoy seamless interactions through familiar channels like WhatsApp and SMS. Businesses benefit from effortless integration with existing CRM systems and third-party APIs, while autonomous agents address challenges like high error rates and resource-intensive training.