Google today celebrated the scheduled historic flyby of NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft around the dwarf planet Pluto with an adorable doodle.

The doodle shows a cartoonish New Horizons spacecraft zipping past the icy dwarf planet.

The doodle was created by Kevin Laughlin in honour of New Horizons’ intrepid voyage to Pluto’s distant corner of the solar system.

It took New Horizons nine years and three billion miles to reach its final destination. Today, the probe will pass within just 12,500 kilometres of Pluto’s surface.

According to NASA, New Horizon’s journey and discovery made through it will be one of the greatest discoveries about space.

The Google doodle shows the job that New Horizons set out to accomplish nine years ago.

The cartoon approximation of Pluto boasts the same heart-shaped geographical feature that set the internet abuzz last week.

The spacecraft will make scientific measurements and take images along the way.

Its successful execution will complete the initial reconnaissance of the “classical” nine planets in our Solar System. “Earth is getting its first chance for an up close and personal peek at Pluto, the ball of rock and ice orbiting at the furthest edge of our solar system,” Google said.

“The pictures New Horizons will send back to Earth are the first of their kind, painting scientists a more vivid picture of the far-off dwarf planet. Armed with these new insights, we’ll be able to pave a path for the next milestone in mankind’s journey of cosmic discovery,” Google said.