Hitachi Vantara, an US-headquartered data storage and management company, is moving towards providing intelligent data management offerings from just data storage solutions in India as the adoption for the same sees an uptick. To better serve the market, it intends to expand its operations in India.

The move comes as the company has seen that the fundamental challenge faced by customers in Indian market has been to make sense of what data has to be stored as the data volume is exponentially growing as it is being generated by various sources, such as at point of sale in a retail environment, through IoT devices, smartphones and more. In order to discover a useful and affordable approach to store the data, Hitachi Vantara believes that it is important to consider data intelligence along with data storage.

Radhika Krishnan, Chief Product Officer, Hitachi Vantara, said,“We are moving the notion of delivering intelligent data management and being able to deliver the highest levels of data quality, as in most environments, data tends to be duplicate, irrelevant, dirty, or dark where when one doesn’t even know that data exists. Hence, much of our roadmap is leaning into data intelligence versus just purely data storage.”

This is where Hitachi Vantara believes to offer a differentiated offering to the marketplace and a lot of customers in India are definitely picking up on the key value propositions is definitely resonating with them, she added. 

Expansion in India 

As the company finds some of the most skilled talent in cutting edge technology in India, it plans to expand its workforce and hire employees for its broader functions of product management, product marketing, and market sensing functions. 

“We don’t just see India as a development center, we see it as a strategic center of competency for us. We are not only hiring engineers, we’re actually hiring other functions. As we co locate all the functions, we will be able to start driving our entire products out of our India offices in order to cater to the India market better,” Krishnan said. 

One third of Hitachi Vantara’s global workforce is based in India. It intends to increase the workforce to make up half of its overall number over the next three to five years.

“We are very excited about the market opportunity that the Indian customers present and the market seems to be prudent to use the offering in order to transform businesses. We are fully committed to bringing the best products to the market while being co located in the Indian offices,” Krishnan said.