Inker Robotics, a Kerala-based pioneer in robotics literacy, is expanding its future technology expo -- Hellobotz’23 -- to Coimbatore. The event will be held from August 15 to 31 at the Hindusthan College of Arts and Science, Nava India.  

The home-grown brand is set to unveil an array of ground-breaking technologies and gadgets in Tamil Nadu, including a 50-foot interactive wall equipped with sensors and drove taxis, guiding visitors through the fascinating evolution of technology, from its primitive beginnings to the cutting-edge present.

The expo will also feature industrial and humanoid robots, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality, 3D printers, drones and the Internet of Things (IoT). With a vision to democratize emerging technologies and bring them to the grassroots level, Inker Robotics brings this expo to Tamil Nadu, presenting a captivating allure to parents, students, professionals and technophiles. Inker Robotics has partnered with various partners like Hindustan Educational Charitable Trust, Drone World, Entudi and Machenn.

Rahul P Balachandran, Founder & Managing Director of Inker Robotics, said the expo propels that vision, reiterating India’s growing recognition as a prime technological destination.