Apple announced a new update to the Flighty app where one can track a flight with no data connection whatsoever or in Airplane mode.

Apple rolled out Live Activity support in all iPhone 16.1 versions and later, on the Lock Screen. Apple iPhone 14 Pro and Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max can avail Live Activities appearing inside the Dynamic Island. Another way to access Live Activity is to long-press on the Dynamic Island.

For the Flighty app, a Live Activity for the upcoming flights will automatically begin three hours prior departure. With the Flighty app, one can view flight status, including delays and gate changes, directly popping up on the Lock Screen and in Dynamic Island.

With the Flighty app update, the app can download real-time data using free in-flight Wi-Fi, even when iPhone is in Airplane Mode.”

Ryan Jones, CEO of Flighty app, took to Twitter to explain how the Flighty app works.

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