After crossing the $25 billion mark to post full year revenue of $25.7 billion, a growth of 15.9 per cent in FY 2022, Tata Consultancy Services has set its eyes on doubling revenue to $50 billion. 

Rajesh Gopinathan, Chief Executive Officer, TCS, wrote in the company’s annual report, “At our current pace of growth, it is only a matter of time before we double our revenue and hit the $50 billion mark. Our all-time high order book, continued deal flow and pipeline velocity gives us confidence in the sustainability of our business momentum. “

To ready the company for the new opportunity, TCS has rolled out a new organisation structure.

“New structure retains the atomicity of our earlier architecture, and its three dimensions, industry verticals, horizontal service lines and geography-based sales. We have now added a fourth dimension, the stage of the customer’s relationship journey with TCS,” Gopinathan said. 

TCS has rearranged existing units into three business groups, each aligned to a particular phase in the customer relationship journey. The Relationship Incubation Group provides the high-touch, high engagement, delivery-focussed model new clients require, the Enterprise Growth Group pulls together capabilities from across the different service lines to stitch together solutions that address our clients’ business needs when the relationship is in its hyper growth phase. The Business Transformation Group manages largest clients and helps them accomplish their growth and transformation objectives. 

N Chandrasekaran, Chairman, TCS said,  “Company weathered the pandemic very well. It adapted quickly and embraced a new operating model that prioritized the health and wellbeing of its employees, while enabling it to continue supporting its customers not just in their mission-critical operations but also in their growth and transformation journeys.”

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