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Elizabeth Mathew March 20 | Updated on March 21, 2013

Cartier   -  BUSINESS LINE

Cartier   -  BUSINESS LINE


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When it comes to trends in jewellery, the changes are less fickle than haute couture or street style, where what’s in today could very well be ‘out’ tomorrow. Since jewellery is a much bigger investment than, say, a dress, it is less prone to sudden changes in trends. But there has been a gradual change in jewellery trends lately and the focus seems to be shifting towards stronger jewellery pieces that can hold their own, without any ‘supporting’ accessories. In other words, a statement piece!

A one-piece statement

The term ‘statement jewellery’ is drawn from the popularly used phrase ‘to make a statement’, which is what the average fashion conscious woman aims for.

It's time to trade in the delicate baubles and co-ordinated jewellery sets for one chunky piece that draws all the attention and holds it – it's time for the statement piece. Whether it’s a chunky necklace, a pair of bold earrings, a larger-than-life cocktail ring or a wide cuff, the focus now is on a single dramatic piece that needs no back up.

The key to wearing a statement piece is to style your whole look around it, since it is the focal point of your outfit. Choose a piece that contrasts your dress or something that matches, the point is to make sure your statement is heard (seen) loud and clear. For neckpieces, the options are endless from a big, floral chokers, like the ones Gucci sent down the runway for Spring/Summer 2013, or large, prominent pendants , or if you really have the budget, the platinum, sapphire and diamond multi-strand piece from the Sortilége de Cartier.

While large, dangling chandelier earrings have been consistently in trend for a while now, we suggest you give your lobes a break and give your hands some bling. The new must-have is the over-sized cocktail ring or the large cuff and the focus is entirely below the wrist. While dressing around a statement piece, remember to tone down the other elements, like wearing a chunky neck piece will mean opting for simple stud earrings and if sporting a large cuff, remember to stick to a bare neck.

Know your stones

Coloured stones have for ages, played second fiddle to the sparkling diamond, usually used along with diamonds but rarely used by themselves. When Marilyn Monroe crooned that diamonds were a girl’s best friend, no one thought about the poor emerald or sapphire! But today, the focus seems to be shifting back to these beautifully coloured gems. On our cover, Mila Kunis, the new face of Gemfields, sports a dazzling emerald and diamond necklace from Fabergé, and the deep green hues of the emerald seem to outshine the sparkling diamonds.

Statement pieces incorporating one big coloured precious stone seem to be the flavour of the season, as spotted on red carpets across the award season this year.

Other than diamonds, the three most precious gemstones of great value are rubies, sapphires and emeralds, while rubies and emeralds are found in varying shades of red and green, respectively, sapphires are available in a whole range of colours from yellow and pink to orange and grey. However, the most valuable ones are still the classic blue sapphires.

Another reason for the sudden emerging popularity of coloured gems could be the increasing rarity of the stones, which in turn adds to their investment value. While gold has been a great favourite for Indians as an investment, the limited options it offers have encouraged buyers to consider precious gemstones as well.

What seals the deal for coloured gem stones, for those as yet unconvinced, is Van Cleef & Arpels’ new Pierre de Couleur collection of engagement rings that dispels the traditional diamond ring, and instead uses ruby and emerald solitaires to add a touch of bright colour.

The key to making the most of a trend is to adapt it to suit you best, so invest a few statement piece and play around with them. And whether you want to make a statement or you’re looking to invest in some jewellery, remember to think big and think colour!

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Published on March 18, 2013

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