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Updated on: Mar 11, 2015
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Should you opt for the HTC Re Camera over the GoPro Hero 4?

GoPro needs no introduction. The HD versions of the camera have been around since 2010, and have evolved massively ever since. From just a 960p resolution, the high definition action camera has come to point where it can take 4K videos, and up to 240fps in lower resolutions.

But GoPro isn’t what it is just because of the technology behind it – it has reached a cult status, because of how the consumers use it, and even caused a spurt of growth in the action camera segment. That growth includes a lot of new entrants, including the HTC Re Camera. We take a look at the two cameras, and see which camera is best suited for what kind of usage.


The HTC Re Camera looks a lot like a periscope (or an asthma inhaler), but that gives it a very ergonomic hold. It’s light, you don’t need to bother turning it on or off, and you can whip it out of your pocket to take a quick panorama or a video.

But here’s the drawback – there are just two multifunctional buttons on the body, and no LCD display to tell you which mode you’re shooting on. For going through the modes and taking shots, you need to use your phone as a controller (pairing it with an Android device is very easy).

The GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition, on the other hand, has a small display on the front that lets you know your battery status, space available on microSD card, the shooting mode and if you WiFi is switched on.

If you’re buying a Hero 4 Silver Edition, it comes with an in-built LCD touchscreen display on the back.

However, the Re Camera’s battery lasts much longer at nearly half a day of rigorous shooting than the GoPro’s measly 40 minutes or so (depending on the video resolution).

Imaging and versatility

The Re Camera’s imaging capabilities are actually quite impressive. At about one-fourth of the price of a GoPro, you get almost the same image quality. The white balance is good, and the focus-free shooting produces some really good images and videos. The advantage that you get with the latest GoPros is that you can shoot at 4K resolution and high-speed footage at 120 or 240fps. With regular home videos, we don’t think these high frame rates are a necessity.

Versatility is where the GoPro outshines the Re Camera – users are able to achieve a huge range of angles only because of the number of mounts GoPro makes and sells. You’ve got everything from body-worn mounts to vehicular mounts and even ones that you can put on your pets.

HTC makes only 4 mounts as of now. We found ourselves using our GoPro mounts for the Re Camera on several occasions.

The casing for the GoPro also offers way more water-resistance and a very high level of ruggedness that doesn’t come with the Re Camera.


The HTC Re Camera is a quite convenient product if you want to use it around the house or mount it on your bicycle for a ride around the park. You can use it to shoot a quick family getaway without the need for a comparatively bulkier camcorder.

However, if you’re interested in taking extreme shots, while skiing, biking (pedalled or motorised) etc, we would recommend the GoPro to you over any other product, at least until the new line of action cameras from Garmin, Xiaomi and Sony arrive in the market.

Published on March 10, 2018

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