The Organised Retailers Association (ORA) has threatened to discontinue the sale of OnePlus products from May 1, citing several ‘unresolved concerns’ which include low-profit margins on the products.

It appealed to the smartphone maker to resolve the issues before the end of this month to ensure the sales are not disrupted.

At a meeting convened here on Wednesday, the association said that the narrow margins have made it challenging for them to sustain their businesses, particularly amid rising operational and financial costs.

“Throughout the past year, we have encountered significant obstacles associated with selling OnePlus products, which remain unresolved,” Sridhar T S, President, ORA, said.

In a letter to Ranjeet Singh of OnePlus Technology India, he said that delays in claim processing too were a challenge.

“Continued delays and complications in processing warranty and service claims have led to customer dissatisfaction and added burden on our end. Despite repeated attempts to escalate and resolve these issues, the problem has not been resolved,” he said.

Mandatory bundling

“We have experienced instances where we are compelled to bundle products or services with OnePlus devices, limiting our flexibility and hindering our ability to cater to diverse customer needs. This has resulted in stagnant inventory and loss of sales,” he said.

“Despite our persistent efforts to address these concerns with your company, little progress or resolution has been achieved. Promises made have not been fulfilled, leaving us with no recourse but to take this drastic measure,” he said.

He said the retailers had hoped for “a more fruitful collaboration with OnePlus”.

“Regrettably, the ongoing issues have left us with no alternative but to discontinue the sale of your products in our stores. We have decided to halt the retail of OnePlus products in our establishments from May 1, 2024,” he said.