Zoho Corporation, a Chennai/US-based technology company, on Thursday launched its latest version of its low-code offering, Zoho Creator. Low-code is a way to design and develop applications with little to no coding.

The new version addresses the need for an easy-to-use platform that enables business users (or citizen developers) to create business applications, while empowering the IT teams to place sufficient guardrails and govern usage, ensuring security and compliance.

"The bulk of low-code application development, from customisation to automation, can be handled today by users with moderate technical knowledge. Where we see a gap, especially for the mid-market and enterprise, is between building and deployment," said B Bharath Kumar, Head of Marketing and Customer Experience, Zoho Creator.

"Currently there isn’t a low-code solution on the market that allows both business users and IT to truly build end-to-end business solutions. With this update, Zoho’s Creator platform combines application development, business intelligence and analytics, integrations, and process automation into one single platform while simultaneously enabling IT teams to effortlessly manage ongoing challenges of security, compliance, and governance. Now, organisations can leverage a unified solution for all of their low-code needs, extending the ability to innovate to every employee."

Helping customise solutions

By leveraging low-code platforms, organisations can rollout applications faster; with Creator, this journey is 10X faster. Secondly, low-code platforms help customise solutions in a way that values the uniqueness of an organisation as the solutions meet its custom needs and processes, Kumar told BusinessLine.

The company’s journey with Zoho Creator began 15 years ago. Creator was among the first five products that were launched as a part of its portfolio. What initially began as an internal requirement has evolved into a marquee product with close to 14,000 paying organisations, he added.

Zoho Creator's vision throughout has remained the same, which is to: empower everyone, to easily build powerful applications. Low-code helps users focus on the business logic of application building and the rest, like deployment, security etc are taken care of by the platform, he said.

Zoho Creator Platform starts at ₹1,000 per month per user. The platform also offers a 15 day free trial, says a company release.