ABB India and Witt India partnered to enhance safety and operational efficiency in India’s infrastructure projects, particularly in tunnel ventilation. ABB’s smoke extraction motors are being integrated into Witt India’s Banana Jet Fans. These motors are designed to withstand extreme temperatures and are deployed in key tunnel projects, such as the Rewa-Sidhi Tunnel in Madhya Pradesh and the Kuthiran Tunnel Highway in Kerala.

The company stated that the collaboration aims to improve tunnel environments by managing airflow, controlling smoke, dispersing pollutants, and regulating temperature.

Sanjeev Arora, President of Motion Business at ABB India, said, “Together, with Witt India, we are driving progress in infrastructure safety and efficiency, ensuring secure and smooth travel through India’s rapidly expanding network of road tunnels. ABB’s focus towards innovation will ensure high-quality solutions enhancing safety for commuters. The integration of ABB’s smoke extraction motors and jet fans in these tunnels aim to augment safety standards as they provide effective smoke management by rapidly extracting smoke during fire incidents, ensuring clear visibility and safe evacuation routes.”

The shares were down by 3.52 per cent to ₹8,553 at 3 pm on the BSE.