Pulses stable at Indore markets

Our Correspondent Indore | Updated on December 18, 2019 Published on December 18, 2019

Moong was the exception on Wednesday, ruling higher due to weak availability

Barring moong, the majority of pulse seeds at Indore mandis ruled stable on subdued demand. Moong and its dal traded higher on weak availability with moong (bold) today rising to ₹7,000-7,300 a quintal, while moong (medium) ruled at ₹6,300-6,800. Compared to last week moong is ruling ₹300 a quintal lower.

The rise in moong also lifted its dal with moong dal (medium) today being quoted at ₹8,300-8,400 a quintal, moong dal (bold) at ₹8,500-8,600, while moong mongar ruled at ₹8,700-8,800 a quintal (up ₹200 from last week).

Urad ruled stable with urad (bold) today being quoted at ₹8,000-8,100, while urad (medium) ruled at ₹5,500-6,500 a quintal. Compared to last week, urad is ruling ₹100 a quintal lower. Urad dal also traded low on weak demand with urad dal (medium) being quoted at ₹8,400-8,500 a quintal, and urad dal (bold) at ₹8,700-8,800, while urad mongar ruled at ₹10,1002-10,200 a quintal.

Tur ruled stable on subdued demand with tur (Maharashtra) quoted at ₹5,400 a quintal, while tur (Madhya Pradesh) ruled at ₹4,700-5,100. Tur dal (sawa no.) today quoted at ₹6,800-6,900, while tur dal (full) ruled at ₹7,200-7,300, and tur marka ruled at ₹7,900-8,200 a quintal.

Published on December 18, 2019
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