Unifi Capital, an Indian portfolio management firm, has launched two new fund offerings through its subsidiary, Unifi Investment Management LLP (UIML), located in Gift City, International Finances Services Centre, Gujarat.

The first offering is the Rangoli India Fund, an in-bound Category III AIF registered with SEBI as a Category 1 FPI. “It invests in Indian companies that are beneficiaries of growing middle-class and household income, formalisation of the informal sector, and emerging national core competencies,” according to a statement.

The second fund is the G20 Portfolio, an outbound PMS currently under development. This fund aims to bring 20 leading global listed businesses to Indian HNI investors, allowing them to diversify internationally and optimise their portfolio’s risk-adjusted returns. The establishment of UIML is described as a strategic move to enhance Unifi’s international capabilities, preparing for India’s increasing integration with global investment markets.

“Unifi’s foreign and NRI investors can now directly invest in our concentrated Indian portfolios without having to route through offshore jurisdictions. Similarly, our Indian investors can now directly invest in the world markets through the same streamlined channel,” said Sarath Reddy, Founder & CIO of Unifi Capital. SEBI’s recent decision to allow 100% NRI investment for FPIs based in Gift City marks a significant milestone for funds targeting the diaspora, who are natural investors in Indian markets. “Unifi’s deep research and asset management expertise, coupled with our commitment to lifetime client relationships, will help our clients confidently enter this new arena of developed market equities,” said Krishna Prassad, CEO and Principal Officer of UIML.