Urban working women in India are becoming more financially confident and making their own investment choices and decisions, according to a survey report by Grip, a new age investment platform.

Grip’s ‘2022 India Survey: How Women Invest’, highlighted investment habits and behavior of the urban working women across seven urban cities namely — Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Kolkata, Hyderabad, and Chennai. The survey recorded inputs from 1,500 women, aged between 25-55 years on their investment portfolios and factors influencing their investment decisions. It was also extended to various women communities as well.  

As per the survey, a high percentage of urban working women are financially confident and make their own investment choices and decisions. 

“Not only are they investing to save, but the majority of them are also earning fixed income from a diverse portfolio of investment,” as per the report.

80 per cent of the respondents have picked alternative investment options such as P2P lending, real estate,  to leverage income opportunities, post-pandemic. More than 60 per cent of the urban working women have a diversified portfolio that included alternative investment platforms to further expand and grow it. Women are also taking charge of their investments with 66 per cent of the women surveyed, handling their investment portfolio independently while around 30 per cent of women depend on others to handle their investments. Further, over 70 per cent of respondents earn fixed income from their investment portfolio.

This shows that women have educated themselves on the basics as well as focus on the deeper aspects of investing to enable a passive fixed income through a diversified portfolio. 

“Some of the factors driving this were found to be available research on the new investment opportunities and the need to earn passive income beyond their salaries, post the onset of the pandemic,” as per the report.

90 per cent of respondents invest in traditional investment options such as gold, mutual funds, stock etc. while 40 per cent of respondents didn’t know how to diversify their portfolio or weren’t aware if their portfolio was diversified. 

Nikhil Aggarwal, Founder & CEO, Grip said, “The pandemic has increased the recognition as well as receptivity for investments amongst women. We have witnessed increasingly more women investors, who are financially active and independent on our platform since.”

“Not only are they investing more confidently, but they are also exploring and leveraging alternative investment options to earn more as well,”  Aggarwal added.

The highest number of women respondents were from New Delhi followed by Mumbai.