As generative AI tools like ChatGPT become mainstream, the battle to remain relevant is intense in the creative advertising industry. AI, like electricity, will have an impact across the board, says Jaspreet Bindra, author of the book Tech Whisperers, in conversation with seasoned digital marketer Shubho Sengupta and host of the monthly podcast series on all things digital marketing — Digital Gadfly.

AI will not replace humans, says Bindra. But, humans with AI will replace humans without AI. He shares the impact of Web 3.0. It will be all about decentralisation, he says. Big tech conglomerates will no longer own content, and it will democratise ownership and monetisation will improve with the introduction of NFTs. It will turbocharge the creator economy further and the metaverse will be the UI of this world.

Speaking about his futuristic book Tech Whisperers, he says, technology isn’t the backbone of digital transformation. It is about revamping the business model to put tech at the core and changing the workplace culture to think digital first.

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(Produced by Akshaya Chandrasekaran. Voiceover by Chitra Narayanan)