In this episode of the businessLine podcast, we delve into the dynamic world of India’s fintech industry. Despite facing challenges like the funding winter, fintech start-ups have experienced tremendous growth, attracting significant investments. To shed light on this sector, businessLine’s Jyoti Banthia is joined by Ramanathan RV, Co-Founder, Hyperface, and Madhu Shalini Iyer, Managing Partner at

Iyer starts by discussing the funding landscape, emphasising the importance of fintech in India’s economic future. She highlights the significant investments and the cautious optimism surrounding future funding prospects, despite challenges such as IPO performance and investor caution. RV echoes her sentiments, stressing the need for start-ups to focus on sustainable business models amidst regulatory and investor scrutiny.

Both guests emphasise the pivotal role of technology in fintech’s growth. RV lauds India’s digital identity infrastructure, enabling start-ups to offer innovative products and services. Iyer highlights AI-driven advancements, such as chatbots and blockchain, that enhance the user experience and data integrity.

Addressing challenges, they discuss regulatory hurdles and the need for a supportive policy environment. Iyer stresses the importance of fostering an ecosystem conducive to startup growth, while RV advocates for balancing innovation with risk management.

In closing, they express optimism for the future of India’s fintech sector. Iyer predicts substantial economic contributions, driven by technological innovations and regulatory enhancements. RV emphasises the importance of responsible growth, emphasising the transformative potential of fintech in empowering individuals and driving economic inclusion.