Tamil Nadu Governor RN Ravi cut short his customary address in the Assembly during the state Budget session on February 12 saying he disagreed with the customary address to the assembly prepared by the DMK dispensation on “factual and moral grounds.” “If I lend my voice, it would amount to Constitutional travesty,” he said on skipping the address.The Governor concluded his customary address in two minutes, saying his repeated requests to play the national anthem at the start and end of the address was ignored.

Speaking in the Assembly, Governor RN Ravi said, “My repeated requests and instructions to give due respect to the National Anthem and to play it at the beginning and end of the speech have been ignored. There are several passages in this text. I disagree on moral grounds and informational grounds. If the text which the government may have prepared is read because various ideas do not agree with it, the constitution will be unconstitutional. So I conclude my speech with a view to honoring them. We wish these councils to be a place for effective discussion for the benefit of the people of Tamil Nadu. Long live Tamil Nadu, long live Bharat.”The convention in the Tamil Nadu assembly is that the State Song will be played before and the national anthem after the address.

Video: ANI.