Welcome to Green Shift, where we explore the groundbreaking advancements in clean tech! In today’s episode, M. Ramesh talks about the future of India’s energy sector with Mehul Shah, of Clean Core Thorium Energy.

The energy dilemma in India is clear: reliance on coal, the largest emitter of carbon dioxide. But fear not, because a game-changing solution might just be on the horizon. Ramesh introduces us to the vast thorium reserves in India, a potential key to decarbonizing the energy sector.

ANNEL, the nuclear fuel developed by Clean Core Thorium Energy. Mehul Shah unveils the secrets behind ANNEL, a patented combination of thorium oxide and Halo. This proprietary mix requires minimal uranium, offering a prolonged burn-up of 60,000 MWhours—nearly eight times more than conventional fuels. The result? A cleaner, safer, and more efficient energy source.

Mehul Shah, founder and CEO of Clean Core, shares insights on how ANNEL can be a game-changer for India. Forget the conventional lengthy path; ANNEL fuel can fast-track the use of thorium, aligning with India’s three-stage program. Mehul predicts commercializing ANNEL fuel as early as 2026, making it market-ready for a sustainable energy transition.

As Ramesh expresses his optimism, he envisions Clean Core Thorium Energy’s fuel reaching the hands of Indian companies like Nuclear Power Corporation. The dream of utilizing India’s abundant thorium reserves inches closer to reality, with the potential to transform the energy landscape within the next decade.

Join us in this eye-opening conversation that explores not just the technology but the promise of a cleaner, greener future for India’s energy needs. The countdown to a thorium-powered tomorrow has begun, and it’s only a matter of time before ANNEL takes center stage in the global energy revolution!

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