Mapping strength of buyers' motives

R. Shekar | Updated on: Apr 17, 2011


‘How differently should the announcement of the next block of residential apartments be positioned' wondered the builder. One suggestion was to get a preview of the buying intentions of the potential buyer and pitch it to them accordingly. How could the board be sure what was playing uppermost on the minds of the buyer?

One suggestion was to do an online campaign using key words. Whatever key word appealed most to the customers could then be adopted as the basis for positioning the ad campaign.

Data points

A campaign was initiated with the following ten key words. Key words are the exact words a potential customer may key in as a query in the Google while searching for a potential investment in residential property.

How the data connect

The ‘appeal value' of the property was gauged by the CTR (Click Through Rate) when the customers clicked to visit the Web site of the promoter.

The number of ‘catalogues downloaded' indicated the seriousness of the buying intentions

The number of enquiries received at the call centre suggested the strength of the buying intentions.

Question for the directors

The directors were pleased at the prospects of now being able to further slice and dice the data according to location, age profile and income bracket of the respondent to further fine-tune their offering and close the deal early.

Considering such an approach, they could now customise their offers in other cities and tailor their campaigns closer to what appealed most to their potential buyers!


Published on April 17, 2011
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