How do you see the performance of this Government?

The Indian government was investing in schools, towards primary education, institutions of higher education, with a distinct focus on pushing ahead scientific temperament, and understanding. There was leash on private sector in some instances too. A network of well established publicly funded education institutions existed in several States, like West Bengal. It (education) was accessible to all irrespective of their economic background. But all that has changed with NEP 2020. Education is now being taken over by private sector.

Once the private players come in, it means you have to pay for your education. Basically, it is against the welfare principle of the State.

If a party or Government is serious about achieving social justice, freedom of thought, freedom of expression, then the basic requirement is spread of education. But that is not the case.

They are trying to create an area where your right to education is really curtailed.


Is the National Education Policy actually achieving its purpose?

The entire policy is designed to ensure that education goes beyond the reach of the common man. It becomes a commercial division. They are trying to spread unscientific attitude; completely opposite of what is the aim of education — to develop scientific temperament.


There has been a lot of discussion on the NCERT curriculum, and do you see any political agenda in it?

There is saffronisation of school curriculum. One example is the naming of Chandrayaan’s landing site as ‘Shiv Shakti’ by the Prime Minister. Rather than naming it after the scientists, this injects religious ardour into an achievement. Scientific thought process is being categorically replaced with politico-religious symbolism.