Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT Madras) recorded a doubling of patents granted during 2023 calendar year. From 156 patents granted during 2022, the number increased considerably to 300 during 2023. In addition, the number of international patents filed (including those granted under Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT)) also recorded a significant increase, going up to 105 during 2023, from 58 in the preceding year, says a release.

Further, as many as 221 patents have already been filed during the current fiscal (as on December 2023), including 163 Indian Patents and 63 International Patents Applications (including PCT).

Since the Institute’s inception, a total of about 2,550 IP (including Patent) applications have been filed both in India (1,800) and abroad (750) so far, out of which about 1,100 are registered IPs/granted patents (about 900 Indian & 200 International).

Cumulative numbers

IIT Madras started filing Patent applications in January 1975 (granted in May 1977). The total number of IP applications filed crossed 1,000 in the year 2016, 2000 in the year 2022 and 2,500 in the year 2023., the release said.

Researchers at IIT Madras are proactively generating intellectual property (IP) in domains such as wireless networks, advanced materials, robotics, additive manufacturing technology, engine advancements, assistive devices, advanced sensor applications, clean energy, aerospace applications, polymer material and thin films, catalysts, and biomedical applications. among many other emerging technologies, the release said.