Indian Institute of Technology Madras’ Robert Bosch Centre for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (RBCDSAI) and SuperBloom Studios, a business consultancy firm, are launching ‘Hidden Voices’ to reduce the gender data gap in digital sources. Partnering with IITM Alumni Association this initiative is starting with Wikipedia.

The initiative founders have set a goal of auto-generating biographies of several notable women within the next year, specifically within the next International Women’s Day (March 8, 2023), and make a positive impact on gender representation among digital sources. The Hidden Voices team takes pride in mentioning that SuperBloom Studios was co-founded by three IIT Madras alumnae, building this practice across three continents.

Those interested in volunteering for this initiative can register through the following link -

AI solutions

Balaraman Ravindran,Head, RBCDSAI-IIT Madras, said that the project will be an instance of a human-allied AI execution. While the Automated Language Processing has significantly advanced there are situations when the AI will make errors. This is especially so when processing documents about underrepresented populations, the very fact that this project is trying to address. “We will take advantage of AI solutions where possible, and judiciously use human oversight and verification to produce high quality outputs.”

RajiBaskaran, Founding Partner, SuperBloom Studios, said:“The lack of proper information often creates unintended biases. This is nowhere more prominent than in the ever-widening digital gender data gap. ‘Hidden Voices’ addresses a critical data gap and builds tools to systematically reduce this. Building products and services that are inclusive are at the core of our business strategy.”