Narendra Modi, who addressed three rallies in Maharashtra on Monday, alleged that Congress is planning to change the constitution to introduce religion-based reservations. Modi also alleged that using fake videos, conspiracy was being hatched to create social tension during elections.

Speaking in Satara district, Modi said, “The Indian Constitution does not allow reservation in the name of religion. They (the Congress) issued a fatva in Karnataka, and within a night, all Muslims got reservations from the OBC quota. Now they want to use the same formula across the country by changing the Constitution.” He added, “As long as Modi is alive, reservation in the name of religion and change in the Constitution is impossible.”

Modi said that “In the voices of our party leaders, by using artificial intelligence, sometimes in my voice, sometimes in Amit Shah or Nadda’s voice, and sometimes in our CMs’ voices, such statements that we have never even thought of are being spread through our fake voices; they’re trying to light fires everywhere. Using such videos, a conspiracy is being hatched to create tension in society. Their intentions won’t come true if elections happen peacefully, and therefore, in the coming one month, they’re trying to do something big in the country.” He asked the Election Commission to take strict action against any such moves to create social tension.

Mentioning the One Rank, One Pension scheme, PM Modi said Congress kept this demand pending for years. He added that the Indian Army today has made-in-India weapons, and “middlemen” in the weapons trading are unhappy with him.

Five PMs in Five Years Formula 

Speaking in Solapur, Modi said that the opposition “INDI alliance” wants to give the PM’s post to its leaders for a year each and asked the people if they support such an idea of five PMs in five years.

“There is a great war going on about who will be the leader of the INDI alliance. Can you hand over such a big country to someone whose face is not known,” Modi said.

He said, “Without snatching the rights of backward classes, we gave 10 per cent reservation for economically backward among general categories. We gave 10 per cent reservation to provide justice to the poor people belonging to the general category and the Dalit leaders of the country welcomed it positively.” He claimed that the Congress did not allow Babasaheb Ambedkar’s Constitution to be implemented in Kashmir.

“SC, ST, and OBCs have drifted away from the Congress, and hence that party’s is going into a tizzy. They are spreading lies that we want to change the Constitution. You look at the record, and even today, Modi has the votes that are required (to change the Constitution). But we don’t believe in this road. Our ancestors committed a sin (of caste system and untouchability), and we are purging that sin by atonement,” said Modi. 

Even as Modi was addressing meetings in western Maharashtra, he avoided referring to irrigation scams and sugar mill corruption cases, which were highlights of his speeches in the 2019 election campaign.