The programmes and initiatives of the Bureau of Energy Efficiency have helped the country to cut 3.5 per cent of energy consumption annually and reduce yearly carbon emissions by 306 million tonnes (MT), Union Minister RK Singh said on Friday.

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The Minister made the remarks at the 22nd Foundation Day of the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), a statement issued by the Power Ministry said.

"BEE helped India to reduce its energy consumption by around 3.5 per cent, and to reduce its carbon emissions by 306 million tonnes per annum," the Minister for Power and New & Renewable Energy said.

Some of the BEE's programmes and initiatives are Buildings Energy Efficiency, Star Label for consumer goods and Energy Efficiency in Small & Medium Industry, etc. These initiatives aim to improve energy efficiency and reduce higher consumption of power.

"Road transport accounts for 12 per cent of country-related carbon dioxide emissions and constitutes 92 per cent of all transport-related energy demands and 94 per cent of transport-related CO2 emissions," the statement quoted the minister as saying.

BEE Director General Abhay Bakre along with other senior officials of the Ministry attended the event.

"Their unwavering support and guidance are pivotal in advancing key BEE programmes and initiatives, reflecting a shared commitment to a sustainable and energy-efficient future," Bakre said.

BEE, under the Ministry of Power, promotes the use of energy-efficient processes, equipment, devices and systems. It takes various steps to encourage preferential treatment for the use of energy-efficient equipment or appliances.