Makers of disposable and autodisable syringes Hindustan Syringes and Medical Devices (HMD), have launched Dispojekt single use syringe, to protect against needle stick injuries.

The domestically manufactured, technologically advanced product will catapult indigenous players into the demanding global market for sharp injury prevention syringes, a note from the company said.

The use of safety needles in healthcare settings offer numerous cost benefits – by reducing healthcare worker injuries, lowering costs from potential disease treatment and potential long-term health issues, it said.

Rajiv Nath, HMD Managing Director, said “Dispojekt syringes are a part of Safety Engineered Devices (SED). Numerous clinical studies and evaluations have been conducted to assess the safety and efficacy of syringes with safety needles. There are clinical trials which have proved that the use of SED has reduced the incidence of needle stick injuries in healthcare workers.”

This initial design was field trialled in India, UK and USA and based on feedback received the product was re-engineered to be more affordable and user friendly, the note said.

India’s disposable syringe market is estimated at over five billion units per year and 80 per cent of this is with private sector players. “We aim for 60-70 per cent market share in the next three years,” said HMD Executive Director, Sohail Nath, referring to the new product. “We are aiming to initially produce 200 million syringes and needles per annum for which we have invested approximately ₹70 crore in the first phase,” he added.

The second phase, will see an increase in capacity to 300 million pieces per annum, with investments of another ₹10 crore to ₹15 crore, he added. HMD is a debt-free company financed through internal resources, the note said.

Many instances of NSIs go unreported, making it a way more serious problem than it appears, the note said, citing the International Journal of Community Medicine and Public Health, that pegged the overall prevalence of NSIs in India (2021) at about 20 per cent.

HMD has multiple manufacturing facilities in Faridabad, Haryana and produces over four billion injection needles per annum, catering to its primary markets in India, Europe, US, Middle East, and its secondary markets of South-East Asia and Africa. It has a national distribution network of over 9,500 dealers and has over 60 contractual stock points in key metropolitan, Tier I and Tier II cities, company management said.