TDP MP Dr Chandra Sekhar Pemmasani with an asset of ₹5,700 crore has become the richest minister to join the council of ministers in the 18th Lok Sabha.

Pemmasani, sworn in as a minister of state on Sunday, was also the richest candidate to contest the Lok Sabha polls. He declared the highest asset among all 8,390 candidates at ₹5,705 crore.

Among the ministers with Cabinet rank, Jyotiraditya M Scindia has the highest asset at ₹484 crore. He has the sixth highest assets among the winning Lok Sabha MPs.

Pemmasani and Scindia were the only two to be sworn in as ministers among the top 10 richest winners in the Lok Sabha polls.

Though the BJP this time could not get a majority on its own in the recent Lok Sabha polls, the party-led alliance secured 293 seats out of 543. The majority mark in the lower house is 272.