Less than a fortnight after 35 Somalian pirates, arrested from Arabian Sea, were handed over for prosecution under the newly enacted Maritime Anti-Piracy Act 2022, the Indian Navy gave custody of 9 more sea robbers to Mumbai police on Wednesday after rounding them up in a special maritime operation in east of Somalia to set free hijacked vessel Al Kambar carrying 23 Pakistani crew on board.

“Robust actions by the Indian Navy ships INS Trishul and INS Sumedha during anti-piracy operations East of Somalia on 29 March 2024, had resulted in successful rescue of FV Al Kambar and its crew of 23 Pakistani nationals. All nine pirates involved in piracy were apprehended for further transit to India,” the Indian Navy said.

INS Trishul

One of the ships, INS Trishul arrived at Mumbai on Wednesday and handed over all nine pirates to the local police for further legal action in accordance with the Indian laws, specifically the Maritime Anti-Piracy Act 2022, the Navy pointed out.

Though Indian Navy has global appreciation for taking successful pro-active steps to curb anti-piracy activities and Houthi rebel attacks to bring back normalcy on maritime trade, it has started arresting pirates after a long hiatus only since March.

Indian Navy said it reaffirms its resolve to safeguard all merchant shipping and seafarers transiting in Indian Ocean region (IOR) irrespective of their nationality.

Pakistani’s rescued

On March 30, 23 Pakistani nationals were rescued from the clutches of Somali pirates during a daring 12-hour-long operation in the Arabian Sea.

INS Sumedha intercepted the hijacked FV Al-Kambar, with the guided missile frigate INS Trishul joining the operation.

Utilising their tactical expertise and strategic coordination, Indian naval forces initiated negotiations with the pirates, compelling them to surrender and rescue crew members. After taking them into custody, Indian Naval specialist teams embarked on the Al-Kambar vessel to undertake thorough sanitisation and seaworthiness checks. Later, the vessel was later set free for sail.