The Rajasthan Government has provided free generic medicines worth Rs 300 crore to patients in Government Hospitals across the State under a flagship programme.

The Chief Minister’s Free Generic Medicines Scheme was launched on October 2 last year by CM Ashok Gehlot.

Under the scheme, 400 types of life saving and essential generic drugs and surgical items are being made available in all Government Hospitals and Health Centres.

“It is estimated that people will have to pay roughly around Rs 1,500 crore if they hadn’t benefited from the scheme in the last one year,” said Dr Samit Sharma, Managing Director of Rajasthan Medical Service Corporation.

He said that after the implementation of the scheme, turnout in Government Hospitals has increased.

“The results of the scheme are encouraging. There is a rise in the number of outdoor patients in Government Hospitals. The number of patients is up by 40 to 55 per cent,” Sharma added.

After this scheme, the State Government has also launched Free Generic Veterinary Medicines Scheme in August this year.