Harpreet Singh, Director General, Dr. MCR HRD Institute on Tuesday inaugurated a mega induction training programme for a 1,000 newly recruited junior assistants (in 20 batches), from across the Telangana State, over six months.

He said that while the role of the political executive and higher civil servants is essential in its own right, the junior assistants constitute the foundation of the entire hierarchy.

He said their role deals with many critical issues, including service rules, disciplinary matters, accounts, budget preparation , formulation of Plan schemes, etc., and thereby contribute to achieving the goals of overall administration.

In the present-day world, work was undergoing mind-boggling changes and called upon the recruits to keep their skill sets current and up-to-date.

Junior Assistants, who initiate files, play an important role in improving the nature and quality of Governance.

He called upon them to process files with a humane touch rather than doing so merely from a techno-legal perspective. He added that Government jobs provided a rich opportunity to serve society and urged them to contribute their best to fulfil the people’s aspirations.