Wrapping up his poll campaign for the Gujarat elections, ruling BJP’s topmost leader Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday appealed to the people to vote considering the next 25 years of the future.

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After holding rallies in the districts of Banaskantha, Patan and Anand earlier in the day, Modi held the fourth and last rally for the 2022 Gujarat polls at Ahmedabad’s Asarwa, where he addressed a huge gathering of youth, women and local businessmen.

“This election is not about who will be the MLA or who will form the next government. It is about how we want to see Gujarat when the country celebrates its centenary year of Independence, 25 years from now. Vote to lay the foundation for making Gujarat strong, prosperous, grand, divine, developed. If you vote for BJP, I guarantee you a bright future,” said Modi, assuring the young voters of a bright future for the next 25 years.

He also charged the opposition Congress for its nepotism and corruption. “There is a fundamental difference between the approaches of the Congress and BJP government. Family comes first for Congress, whereas for BJP, country comes first.”

A long way

He stated that after the implementation of the Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) mechanism in the past 8 years, over ₹26 lakh crore has been transferred to the beneficiaries of a variety of schemes. “The entire money went into the bank accounts of the beneficiaries. We have stopped the entire game of 100 paise reducing to 15 paise by the time it reaches to beneficiaries,” he said taking a jibe at the former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi’s remarks over slippages and leakages prevailing in the government systems of that time.

Crediting the ruling BJP government for attracting mega investments in the State, Modi stated that the world’s largest aircraft maker will make planes in Gujarat as well as world’s largest semiconductor maker will make the chips in Gujarat too.

“From cycle to motorcycle and from cars to aeroplanes, will now be made in Gujarat. From aloo (potato) chips to micro chips, Gujarat has come a long way,” Modi said.

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He also stated that prosperity and businesses can thrive in Gujarat only if there is safety and peace in the society. “Some years ago, Ahmedabad had witnessed serial bomb blasts. We can’t forget that. We don’t want to see those days again. We have to resolve for a peaceful Gujarat. Let us not allow the culture of bombs, guns and pistols to return to Gujarat,” Modi said.


He also credited Gujarat for achieving several milestones and ranking at the top on multiple development parameters. “Today, Gujarat tops in port cargo handling, exports, logistics performance, salt production, and rooftop solar generation. Also, Gujarat is setting up the world’s largest solar hybrid park, it has the world’s tallest statue, the world’s largest stadium and the world’s largest diamond processing hubs. Gujarat is playing its role in fuelling India’s growth,” he said, emphasising the need for a double-engine government for rapid development.

The first phase of polling on 89 seats concluded on Thursday with a 63.4 per cent turnout. Modi appealed to the people for record-breaking voting in the second phase on December 5. Considering the significance of Ahmedabad’s urban constituencies, Modi on Thursday did a mega 50-km roadshow covering 13 assembly constituencies of the district. On Friday, he held a mega public meeting to ensure a resounding victory for the party.

The BJP is eyeing to retain its undefeated regime for the seventh straight time.