Patent applications in India have witnessed a substantial increase over the last five years, D. K. Rahut, Deputy Controller of Patents and Designs, Intellectual Property Office, Kolkata, said on Thursday.

According to him, since 2009 the Centre has undertaken modernisation activities for filing patent applications and divided the sectors into four categories — mechanical, electrical, chemical and bio-technology.

“The number of applications stood at 35,000 in 2007-08. It has gone up by nearly 50 per cent in the current year,” Rahut said. He was addressing a national conference on intellectual property rights organised by the Indian Chamber of Commerce here.

Rahut pointed out that the number of examiners evaluating patent applications should also increase. Rabiranjan Chattopadhyay, West Bengal Science and Technology Minister, who was also present at the conference, said the State Government has set up a Patent Information Cell to create awareness on the subject.

Chattopadhyay added that the unit has already evaluated 40 projects for patenting.