# Corporates & crowdfunding: Milaap, a leading crowdfunding platforms, is planning to engage with more corporates and institutions to increase their share of participation and build more awareness around the concept of crowdfunding, which has gained momentum since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Milaap to expand engagement with corporates

# Hurdles to serving free food: Aadhaar is required for many state-run schools, free food but millions of poor children do not have an ID. Making Aadhaar mandatory for food benefits would deprive millions of poor children and their families who are still suffering from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, says the report. The number of people who are poor in India — with incomes of $2 or less a day — increased by 75 million in 2020 because of the impact of Covid-19, a study by Pew Research Center showed.

Indian children without Aadhaar digital ID shut out of school

# Virus controls: China backs away from growth goal, sticks to virus controls. Forecasters don’t expect Beijing to ease anti-virus controls.

China backs away from growth goal, sticks to virus controls

# Cooling inflation: Some Asian economies may need rapid rate hikes to cool inflation. Asia’s share of total global debt had increased from 25 per cent before the global financial crisis to 38 per cent post-Covid, raising the region’s susceptibility to changes in global financial conditions, the report said.

Some Asia economies may need rapid rate hikes to cool inflation: IMF

# Board, inflation ready? Inflation is surging globally. Two months ago the wholesale price inflation touched 8 per cent in Europe, 10 per cent in the US and 15 per cent in India.

Assure yourselves not just on plans, but management’s early warning skills on inflation and capital issues that require a quick reset. Could the alternative supply and transport sources you had to hustle up for Covid now offer new pricing opportunities, asks the article.

How inflation-ready is your board?

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