Lok Sabha on Wednesday faced a major security breach as two youths jumped from the visitor gallery to the hall and created a smokescreen and shouted slogans.

It is a coincidence that 22 years ago, on December 13, there was a terrorist attack on Parliament.

On Wednesday, while the Lok Sabha was in session, BJP MP Rajendra Agrawal was presiding as members were putting up matters of urgent public importance.

All of a sudden, just before 1 p.m., a youth in his 20s jumped from the visitor gallery. He appeared to have fallen, but he just stood up and started moving towards the front row by jumping from one row to another.

Meanwhile, he was trying to open his shoe, which he managed to do after jumping three rows and taking out a small cylindrical object, which immediately burst and created a yellow smoke screen all over.

Parliament Attack: An eye-witness describes what happened in Lok Sabha  Parliament Attack: An eye-witness describes what happened in Lok Sabha  

Some MPs tried to get hold of him and he was overpowered and thrashed, but he continued shouting the slogan Tanashahi Khatam Karo, Sambvidhan ki Raksha Karo.

However, one more youth was standing near the hall gate, and a cylindrical object with yellow smoke was coming out. It was not clear how he entered the hall amidst the chaos. Soon, both youths were taken out by watch and ward staff. Amidst all this, Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla took the chair and announced an adjournment.

It is not immediately known who these people were and which MP facilitated their entry into the visiting gallery of the Lok Sabha.

Earlier in the day, a young man in his 20s and a lady in her 30s created a smokescreen just in front of the Parliament gate near Transport Bhawan. They were also shouting the same slogan. Both of them were arrested and taken to the nearest police station.