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M. G. Parameswaran |Anisha Motwani | Updated on: Dec 27, 2012






“We are in the early stages of finding more from social media. Sharing the most intimate things seem to be the fascinating thing. But we are yet to see viral crazes such as the ‘Milk Bath’ (right) that gripped the UK recently. In fact, we saw Kolaveri become a craze last year; this year the film released and promptly flopped.”

“Consumers are probably the most effective consultants your company can hire and perhaps social media has made this only easier. According to a recent survey by Insites Consulting across 19 countries and over 7,800 active social media users, 36 per cent prefer to participate in a branded research community.

“Influencers are the new brand ambassadors. In social media, it is a handful of influencers who can make or break your brand’s reputation, set a hashtag trending or make a video go viral. Influencers are the hardcore fanatics and guardians of your brand and sometime they double up as the destroyers of your competing brands too.

“Convergence is the key to convenience. According to Nielsen, in India, an average smartphone user spends over 10 per cent of their time on the phone. While calls and SMS account only for a fifth, the rest of the time is spent on browsing, social media, apps and gaming respectively. Convergence of web and mobile is becoming more seamless and so marketers much customise their strategy considering the usage pattern for optimising yield and maximising ROI on digital spends.

“Brands don’t necessarily have to leave digital bread crumbs all over social media. While a platform such as Facebook, because of its huge user base, can be common to both B2B and B2C brands, a fashion brand has more to do in Pinterest (above) than LinkedIn, and a DSLR brand can mine dig gold on Flickr than on YouTube.

“Coca-Cola’s James Bond-styled SkyFall challenge for unsuspecting visitors at Antwerp’s central station saw little participation on the ground, but the video encapsulating the activity went viral and has garnered over 9.5 million views in YouTube in just two months. As a matter of fact, the impact of any offline activity gets multiplied as social media makes videos go viral. People share their offline experience in social media, more so when it comes to travel, movies, gadgets and cars.”

Published on December 27, 2012
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