Sofa styles for 2012

Archana Achal | Updated on November 14, 2017 Published on March 06, 2012

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After a hard day's work, millions of people battle rush-hour vehicular traffic and race home, always anticipating the moment of peace when they can sit down in their favourite spot on the family couch and zone out. The sofa forms the activity centre of the living room or den in any home, and for good reason. It is where family members congregate to fight over the TV remote, where guests are entertained and where the all-important mid-afternoon nap is taken. No wonder then the furniture industry is churning out new and improved versions ever so often. Here's a pick of the top trends currently ruling sofa styles.

Design data

How low can your sofa go? Well, as low as you want to because this season is all about taking inspiration from the divans of the East. Divans are flat seats placed directly on the ground but the modern take on the old is to raise the seat just a few inches of the floor, to create a low seating area. Make sure that the rest of the furniture in the room coordinates with the low seat in height, to create an even style. Curves are in as well, with couches turning sharp corners into arcs. This style breaks the linearity of your room and creates cosy nooks for reading and lounging. Add some comfy silk cushions and you're all set. Check out the wicker couches by Loom Crafts which exaggerate and highlight curves in the design. The single, almost circular chairs by IDUS and Steelcase are great for placing around the table. Clean lines are the best option for rooms this season, as they do not create any clutter visually and are versatile for matching with other pieces.

Comfort comes first!

The more cushy your couch, the better this season. Overstuffed pieces are finding their way into homes again, accessorised by equally plump cushions. Find couches with thick armrests and stuffed seats to create a feeling of being enveloped in comfort. The fabrics in vogue are the ever-luxurious satin, silk and velvet, the latter being a surprise addition to homes and fashion runways around the world. Granted, these materials are hard to clean, but they add a touch of finesse to the room with their subtle shine. Ipe Cavalli has some beautiful pieces in a silvery shade while Beyond Designs' single cream number is sure to garner some attention from guests. To add another textural element, get your sofas studded with matte pins or tufted. This creates a quilting effect that contains the overstuffed look in a chic way. The low couches from Fendi Casa, the Italian luxury fashion brand's home décor arm are a great example of this effect. For a fashionable twist, use pearl buttons as studs.

Go bold

Don't be afraid to try something different when picking chairs and sofas for your home. Pop colours are all the rage and a dash of apple red or sunset orange can spice up any room. The plush, black sofa set from Zolijns is made fun with the addition of a bright yellow single seater. Wild patterns in bold colours can be chosen as well while upholstering a piece. The Great Eastern Home has a pretty pink and cream chair with a busy leaf pattern to break the monotony in décor. Animal prints can always be chosen for a kitschy look as well. But keep in mind that bright colours and busy patterns work best only for single pieces and not entire sofas. Even just a single ottoman in neon green will do. They are there to create some relief for the eye so you need not worry too much if they contrast with other pieces.

With the season of spring cleaning coming to an end, this is the perfect time to revamp your living room style.


Published on March 06, 2012
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