Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has issued orders to reduce the staff of his office by 30 per cent and to cancel a project to beautify roads leading to his official residence.

Sharif, who recently assumed office for a record third term with a pledge to cut unnecessary expenses, gave directions to officials to cut the staff of the Prime Minister’s Office by one-third so that administrative expenses can be curtailed.

The premier yesterday issued directions for the immediate cancelation of a tender issued by Capital Development Authority for beautification of roads leading to the Prime Minister’s House.

“The Prime Minister took the decision in view of his Government’s policy of judicious use of public resources and adopting austerity measures. He said that resources must be used for the welfare of the people and not wasted,” said a statement issued by Sharif’s office.

The project to beautify the roads leading to the Prime Minister’s House, located in the high security Red Zone in the heart of Islamabad, was launched by the previous Pakistan People’s Party-led government.