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Experience the ‘Eureka!’ moment

Bharat Savur | Updated on January 28, 2013 Published on January 28, 2013

Wake up each morning to a great sense of anticipation, as though the day holds an awesome hidden secret only for you. Study, work, commute, play with a “something-super-is-going-to-happen” song in your heart.

Ya-ha, I’m inviting you to be an enthusiast of life – experience its diverse beauty, ride its highest peaks, rap to its rhythm. Remember, it’s your call because: your thoughts shape your life. For example, if you keep saying “Drawing diagrams bores me”, you will dull your mind, body, and spirit. Then you will avoid this amazing, creative, meditative activity. You will miss out on the magic of seeing lines emerge from the pencil guided by your hand then suddenly those lines bending, curving, extending to turn into an anatomical, architectural, engineering, or fashion masterpiece. For sure, it’s not a lifeless sketch, it’s your brainwaves animated, your smooth, unbroken flow of attention captured on paper. It’s deep. So, please delete the word ‘bore’ from your mental monitor. Re-programme your mind by saying “Drawing diagrams fascinates me!” Such enthusiastic affirmations fire interest, motivation, doability. Repeated 21 times daily for 21 days, they break down old prejudicial patterns and stretch your boundaries.

Similarly, if you find yourself procrastinating on sitting down to study your not-such-a-hot-favourite subject, r-e-l-a-x and send your brain into the alpha mode – the learner’s paradise. Do this simple breathing exercise: lie on your back, knees bent, feet flat on floor, eyes closed. Relax completely. As you inhale, let your stomach rise; as you exhale, let it fall. Now, inhale through your nostrils to a count of 8, hold to a count of 8, exhale through your mouth to 8. Inhale-hold-exhale 20-40 times until peace engulfs you – you’re now in the alpha mode. Open your eyes, rise gently and sit at your table.

When there’s no stress, no inner pressure, the pathways in the brain are clear. The brain is receptive. You understand everything you read. Your imagination connects different pieces of information and you experience the Eureka! moment as it all becomes clear. All resistance is replaced with fascination. Ah yes, one thought, a few breaths and… what…a…transformation!

(The writer is co-author of the book Fitness for Life.)

Published on January 28, 2013
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