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Bharat Savur | Updated on July 04, 2013

An ailment can also be an opportunity to focus on the healthy part of you, and embark on a healing process.

If you have some ailments, remember this great truth: you still have a decent portion of your body that is in good health. Now take this healthy portion and realise you have a lot of it. Feel its immensity. Don’t focus on what is sick, focus on what is bouncingly healthy. Express wellness as your art, your anthem. The ailing part is a tiny black dot; the healthy part is the entire white paper. This is how you initiate the healing process, increase your strength, your stamina and expand the white spaces of living.

Ah yes, the body needs us to create an environment of healing and positivity. Our robust thoughts, enlightened words, joyous feelings stir and stimulate our systems to release beneficial hormones. And the body revels in this restorative ambience.

Please understand this is not wishful thinking. Science says the brain is happiness-hungry. Happiness boosts the brain’s dopamine levels, creating a neural pathway of bliss. This bliss trickles and saturates the cells of the body. The bliss points are the health points.

I read about an elderly gentleman who, while crossing the street in New York, was hit by a speeding taxi. He died prematurely at age 87. When the autopsy was performed, the doctor was stunned. He told the daughter of the deceased, “Your father has innumerable inflammations, lesions and ailments that should have caused his death 20 years ago!”

The astonished daughter replied, “I didn’t know that. He was so energetic and healthy.” The doctor asked curiously, “How do you think he managed that?”

The daughter thought awhile and then replied, “I’m not sure, but… he had this habit of telling me every morning, “Today is going to be a terrific day!” For sure, despite his serious ailments, the gentleman lived in the blissful arms of health because of his upbeat attitude.

It’s very important to connect to the bliss points so liberally scattered all over our body — particularly in our brain. For many of us, a complete overhauling of attitude is required. Let’s take a leaf from the elderly gentleman’s book. Every morning, say, “Today is going to be a terrific day.” If sending an application for a job, say, “This is going to be very well-received by the HRD and the job is mine.” Before or during a meal, say, “This tastes fantastic.”

Simultaneously, eat energising super-foods — whole grains, sprouts, vegetables. If prices shoot up, don’t be upset. It’s a time to learn, to experiment.

For a few days, dine on what is relatively inexpensive — leafy greens, cabbage, tinda… Marvel at the novelty. Relish the new taste. Rather than gripe about having to eat the same things for days, be grateful there are healthy foods available. Feel nourished, nurtured.

Then, we tend to complain when the mind and body are idle. My grandmother always said, “Hard work and good health are sisters.” She’s right. There’s a deep connection. Being positively engaged in something interesting and worthwhile definitely defeats inertia, lassitude, even ill-will. Most ill-will comes from discontentment.

I think we forget how many worlds we belong to: the world of fantasy, the world of nature, relationships, work, play, creativity, solitude, joy… When we take a total inventory of our life, we realise what a marvellous creation we live in.

There’s another fact that we are ignorant of — the utter plasticity and adaptability of the body. Exercising — walking, cycling, swimming, stretching — doesn’t just maintain but increases its plasticity.

Likewise, meditation and de-stressing bring about positive changes in the way genetic tendencies work and heal inner inflammations respectively. All this contributes to good health.

Some attitudes worth cultivating to keep the healing process on:

Don’t jump to disagree. Step back and listen. You’ll get a fresh perspective from another’s eyes and glimpse yet another world.

Appreciate the beauty, the marvel, the genius in everything. This keeps the dopamine high and happy.

Don’t allow anxiety, worry, fear to cross swords with your mind. Ask constantly, “How do I make it better?”

Be stable in all that you do. Sticking with one diet and a certain set of exercises for a length of time brings mental clarity and efficient muscles.

Listen to pleasing music. The mind dances and the rhythmic vibrations soothe the nerves. Share this music instead of malcontent with friends.

I am given to understand by the wise and well-lived that life has two forces — one regenerative, the other destructive. By adopting positive thoughts and healthy habits, we align ourselves with the regenerative forces and make them our greatest allies.

As the poet Maya Angelou puts it so succinctly, “Life loves to be taken by the lapel and told, “I’m with you kid. Let’s go.” Yes, let’s!

The writer is co-author of the book ‘Fitness for Life’

Published on July 04, 2013

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