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| Updated on January 16, 2018 Published on October 07, 2016

This refers to ‘Bright and dark spots in the economy’ by Sidharth Birla (October 7). There is no doubt India is on the right track; recent events only give credence to it. But there is still lot of ground to cover. As far as rise in global competitiveness ranking is concerned, too much shouldn’t be read into it as ground realities such as land and labour reforms, and ease of doing business remain mostly unaddressed. Yes, the Government is doing its bit, but it needs to do a lot more. As for revival of the economy and investment, that will only happen when fresh lending revives. GST rolling out by April 1 will surely boost ease of doing business and investment.

Bal Govind

Noida, Uttar Pradesh

One of the main reasons for under-development is failure to invest in infrastructure development, building of roads, health facilities and education, and our failure to explore existing resources. Right investments with friendly policies removing bottle necks and red-tapism will go hand in hand with economic development and prosperity.

Most economic decisions are taken with an eye on the elections. Hence crores and crores are spent on subsidies and freebies instead of on long-term investments such as setting up large industries, infrastructure development, health facilities. It is pathetic to note that India imports various minerals, when it has the resources. A lethargic attitude to development and economic growth by successive governments, corruption, and scams lead to the economy being out of gear and India being counted among the developing countries.

Veena Shenoy

Thane, Maharashtra

Erroneous report

The report, ‘Supreme Court order, a relief for Karnataka’ (October 5), wrongly says that the apex court has set aside the constitution of the Cauvery Management Board. Kindly refrain from false and chauvinistic reporting.

T Gnanasekaran

Tenkasi, Tamil Nadu

Medipark is welcome

The report that the Cabinet has approved the setting up of a ‘medipark’ in Chengalpattu is welcome news (October 6) . This will go a long way in raising the availability of medical devices in the country and enhance job opportunities. But there is no indication if an institute for advanced medical research under the ministry of health and family welfare will be established.

We also need units that will manufacture drugs based on latest research in order to bring down costs. Costs affect low-income groups and senior citizens.

TR Anandan


Long life

Recent research in modern science has indicated that the maximum possible life-span of a normal human being is around 115 years which already appears to have been reached.

According to Hindu astrology, calculations based on the Vimshottari dasha system say a man can live up to a maximum of 120 years, as a human being can never face again a dasha of the same planet in which he was born in the entire planetary cycle of the Dasha Paddhati which is 120 years. Allowing for an error of up to 4-5 years, it almost exactly tallies with the findings of the latest research on human longevity.

Arun Malankar


Crack the whip

The BCCI refusing to budge from its stance and openly defying the recommendations made by the Justice Lodha Committee does not make for a pretty picture.

The board has refused to toe the line in regard to implementing the directions issued by the panel and approved by the apex court on an age cap of 70 years, one State one vote, and a maximum three terms of three years each for an office-bearer.

Besides, the board has failed miserably in ensuring that public money was spent in a transparent manner. The board's audacity in taking on the Lodha panel is disgusting, to say the least, and it needs to be taught a lesson.

The Supreme Court has no option but to crack the whip hard on the errant board and make it come round.

NJ Ravi Chander


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Published on October 07, 2016
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