Suffer in silence

| Updated on October 28, 2013 Published on October 28, 2013

“How new banks can win biz” ( Business Line, October 28) — by keeping the customer’s interests above every thing else. They should not be like the banks where initially we get everything at no extra cost, and are later charged a bomb.

These banks do not have the basic minimum courtesy to inform account-holders when they deduct the amount from the account. Complaining is of no use as the ‘heads’ are aware of all that’s happening. The aam aadmi has to suffer in silence.

Radhesh R.


F1 bullies

There is a lot of bullying going on by Bernie Ecclestone and his F1 gang (“Will Formula One drive into India in 2015?”, Business Line, October 28). They should be made to realise that India is big country, with a growing youth population with better economic opportunities.

Why can’t the government and industry,particularly the auto sector, work with JPSI to conduct car and two-wheeler rallies to not only popularise the sport, but also get more sponsorship and give opportunities for young Indians to showcase their talent. The US, for instance, has its Nascar and Indy 500 to keep the domestic market happy. F1 has not stopped that. We should learn from this.

A. Ramanathan


Too much money

With reference to “Food for monetary thought” ( Business Line, October 28), the impact of the RBI’s monetary policy vis-à-vis inflation is negated by the Central and State governments’ ever-growing budgetary deficits.

We are caught in this vicious circle.

There is too much money floating around — it looks like India’s parallel (black) economy has become larger and more dominant than the formal (white) economy.

Let’s scrap the prevailing currency and issue new currency to bring the black money out, starting with a new Rs 10 equal to a dollar. Perhaps this will help reduce black money to an extent and reduce inflationary pressures.

Ramesh Deshpande


Published on October 28, 2013
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