Football is not all about tactics, wins or strategies. It is also about emotions. Hence, for anyone who supports a football club, whenever their favourite coach leaves, it creates a vacuum.

The departure of Ivan Vukomanovic as head coach of Kerala Blasters FC has had a profound impact on fans, highlighting the emotional attachment they had with their favourite coach.

His resignation sparked intense discussions on social media, with some fans expressing anger towards the management while others were simply in disbelief. Vukomanovic’s tenure was marked by significant success, with a winning percentage of 44.8, the highest in the club’s history. Affectionately known as ‘Aashan’ by supporters, he became a household name across the State. The departure of a beloved coach can be difficult to digest, especially when the person has formed a strong connection with the region’s culture and language. However, it’s important to recognise that each coach leaves behind a lasting legacy and positive changes within the club. While it may be challenging to envision the club’s future without them, fans should hold onto the memories and lessons imparted by their departing coach.

In moments of transition, fans may find themselves questioning their allegiance to the club versus their loyalty to the coach. However, these moments are crucial in reaffirming one’s commitment and trust in the club’s direction.

While the departure of a beloved coach may create a sense of loss, it also presents an opportunity for growth and renewal within the club.