Working professionals in the country are actively planning their investments to meet their retirement objectives. A survey conducted among 300 participants, including salaried professionals, business owners, and independent workers from varied demographics, incomes, and industries shed details on risk tolerance, retirement planning, and more.

Here are the charts that tell you the story.

Aspero, a SEBI-registered online bond platform provider, in partnership with Amaha, a leading mental health organisation, has unveiled a report titled “Wealth & Well-Being: Unravelling the psychological impact of pursuit of wealth”. While a majority of survey participants started their investment early on their careers, a notable 14 per cent began investing only about a decade into their careers. 

Furthermore, the report uncovered a consistent pattern of moderate risk-taking behaviours among individuals aged 26 to 45.

Fixed Deposit (FD) remained the top choice among various fixed income instruments, with more than three-fourth of the participants looking to invest in FDs.

Investors with higher risk tolerance (aggressive) typically target retirement corpus ranging from ₹10 crore to ₹20 crore, likely looking to retire early, while those with a more cautious approach (conservative) tend to aim between ₹20 crore and ₹50 crore.