Nishtha Gomes, a Delhi-based professional, says the internet has been of immense help to her since the time her baby was born.

“I do most of my shopping for apparel and home furnishings on the internet. I started online shopping in 2012 before my baby was born as I was unable to go out and buy things,” says Nishtha.

“Online shopping saves me a lot of time, especially because I have a full-time job and a toddler to look after. Going to a mall or the market gets difficult as they’re crowded during the weekends,” she says. On the benefits of shopping online versus going to a physical store, Nishtha says, “Most often I find good discounted products online.”

But she’s choosey about the sites she visits.

“I trust online shopping with tried and tested sites and brands that I know well… I choose sites that are reliable and popular,” she states categorically. “With these sites, I know that the payment gateway is safe, unless there is a virus in my own computer,” she adds.

“The only thing I wouldn’t shop for online is electronics. I had a bad experience buying a phone once,” says Nishtha.