Here’s a challenge. Using the five clues below, identify the company that is being talked about here.

1. I have more than 100 years’ heritage but crossed billion dollars annual revenue only last year.

2. I am close to becoming the top 5 player in an industry where India is the largest worldwide.

3. Though my return on equity has been in single digit for more than a decade, I have delivered about 20 per cent CAGR returns to shareholders over the last 5 and 10 years.

4. I have had an intense ownership battle involving a large industrial family, unique of its nature in India.

5. My single largest shareholder is a medical institution and I have several charity organisations benefiting from my growth. In fact, my last annual report is designed with a 1,000-year-old art form unique to tribals in India.

Send your answers by Wednesday 6 p.m. to, with your full name, postal address and phone number. A lucky winner in each week will get a book sponsored by UNIFI Capital as a reward.

Last week’s stock: Amber Enterprises

Last week’s winner: B S Pardesi